All Employees love salary day. But it is usually a big ordeal for the salary administrator. Computing salary is the most complex element of any accounting system. Especially, for small and medium organizations, where most of the payroll process like calculation of taxes, benefits, incentives, leaves, and other withholding are manually undertaken, this leaves a high margin for computation errors, incorrect inputs, omitting statutory obligation, etc. It is desirable for the organization and employees that the salary is computed speedily and correctly till the last paisa.

Our web-based payroll management tool designed to provide maximum flexibility in salary computing with 100% accuracy. the software is designed to accommodate any distinct or unique salary computation requirement of small business. With easy to use interface and of intelligent features, it reduces salary computing time up to 40% and increases admin efficiency.

Customer Pain Areas

  • Complex Salary Structure
  • Delay in Salary Processing
  • Meet Statutory Requirements
  • Incorrect Inputs for Salary Data
  • Errors in Salary Calculations
  • Location-wise Salary Management


  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Morale
  • Higher Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Backend Leakages
  • Control Payroll Cost

Key Features

  • Flexible Salary Structure
  • Meet Statutory Requirements
  • Comprehensive Masters Creations
  • Integration with Time-Attendance Software
  • Quick Import and Backup
  • Comprehensive Reports for Quick Decisions

Software Modules

  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self Service Portal